Simmetria Edizioni

Simmetria has published, over the years, a series of particular texts, animated by the same principles. Whether we are talking about hermeticism, mysticism, music or sacred geometry, we have always made use of authors who follow a traditional line. & amp; Nbsp;

Therefore all the Symmetry texts have a homogeneity of address and treatment. In general, even the references that are used refer to the original sources (Plato, Pythagoras, Plutarch, etc.) avoiding new-age interpretations that often attribute to ascetics or archaic philosophers, thoughts and words that have never dreamed of express.

In this messy and confusing world we have committed ourselves not to give space to current "fashions", to scandalistic scoops, to the mysteriosophical mania that has produced hundreds of they speak out of all proportion of Grail, Mysteries, Templars, Magdalene, Crop Circles, sacred geometry, mixing everything and producing pseudo-esoteric soups appealing to the mass but without any scientific, initiatory or truly spiritual foundation. Therefore in the Symmetry series there is no mention of any paranormal "phenomenon", of special effects and of nirvana or satori at a reasonable price. And in this, editorially, we believe we are a white fly.


This premise is essential to avoid those looking for texts in which to find a way to "light up quickly" in a few lessons, or to find out if Christ was engaged or not with the Magdalene, to waste time and money by buying our books.

Symmetry produced 7 series and a biannual magazine.
This was possible thanks to the generous availability of well-known and lesser-known authors, who have offered their contributions absolutely free of charge. The same applies to all those who work for Symmetry.

The editions of the texts are limited (max 300 copies) and their distribution takes place at a "homeopathic" level for a precise editorial choice. This does not always make the books readily available, and we apologize for it. But we believe that a book is not equivalent to a video game to buy in the supermarket. Today there are many books and supermarkets, perhaps too many.

Therefore, without any snobbery but only for seriousness and awareness of the importance of a certain type of culture, we think that texts that are interested in spirituality must be ... few and ... even difficult to find. & nbsp;



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